Seminar modules | Traineeship | DW | 16.09.2014
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Seminar modules

Three innovative, practice-oriented seminars are at the core of Deutsche Welle's traineeship. The blocks last two months each and are conducted in English and German.

In the beginning...

… it's back to basics. Fundamental journalism skills will be refreshed during the first two months. Topics such as multimedia storytelling, research, news, interview techniques and editing for TV and radio are on the agenda. Trainees also get a better sense of Deutsche Welle from the inside. An additional focus is on content as well as approaches for choosing topics and formats. Another aspect will be critical analysis, which is central to DW's traineeship.


VJ-training, live-crosses and 'Calypso'...

… the latter is the name of the TV show our trainees will produce. But they will also focus on longer reports, opinion pieces and lots of practical experience. During the second seminar module the trainees will deepen their journalistic learning from previous seminars. All various forms of journalistic presentations will be practiced over and over again. Because practice makes perfect. 



… is what we expect from our trainees. But the type of creativity we promote is innovative and can lead to changes not only inside the DW cosmos. The third seminar block focuses on creative reporting styles that go far beyond the conventional ones - styles that involve mobile reporting, social media, process journalism and much more. With their final multimedia project trainees can prove just how creative they are. It entails longer days, stronger nerves, tighter deadlines and - something that is essential in this program - team spirit.


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