Secure Smartphones | Shift - Living in the Digital Age | DW | 10.02.2014
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Secure Smartphones

Since the NSA spy scandal broke in the United States, users have been getting anxious about their phone, text, e-mail and other digital communications - wondering who might be listening in or taking a peak, where and when. Now, special devices and software for encrypted communications over smart phones seek to allay those fears.

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A headset called TopSec Mobile offered by the Berlin company Rohde & Schwarz SIT promises to protect calls made over smartphones from eavesdropping - provided the other party is using the same headset. A safer alternative to widespread messenger services like Whatsapp or iMessage is an app called Hoccer XO by the Berlin-based Hoccer. The apps RedPhone and TextSecure by America’s Whisper Systems can encrypt all audio and text communications.