Secret CIA Prisons in Europe | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 27.11.2005
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Secret CIA Prisons in Europe

DW-WORLD readers have their say about allegations that the US runs secret jails for suspected terrorists in Europe and Asia.


Europe has started examining the allegations

The followi n g comme n ts reflect the views of our readers. Not all reader comme n ts have bee n published. DW-WORLD reserves the right to edit for le n gth a n d appropriate n ess of co n te n t.

I strongly believe that the rumors are correct about secret prisons run by the CIA. The Americans have demonstrated in the past time and time again that while preaching "democracy" they violate the principles whenever it suits them. And all in the name of democracy. -- haymohenry

I don't have hard evidence, but everything suggests that, yes, we do have such secret prisons in Europe. We need your help to shed light on this horrible issue. This is an utter disgrace for the so-called leader of the free world. -- citizennaim

I think that the Bush administration will do anything that it can get away with. These people regard themselves as above all laws. Bush has said "It would be eerier if I had absolute dictatorial powers." Nixon said: "The president has absolute power, but only for four years." There is a school of thought among the American right wing that says: "Only we know what is best; therefore your opinion doesn't count. We will decide everything." -- rgmccorkle

I am a US Army and US Air Force Vet. I know a little about the C-130 air craft pictured at the top of the Web page. If these planes are being used, they would have to be refueled in central Europe to reach Romania or Bulgaria. The CIA has done some very bad things over the years. The end justifies the means. -- Lee Davis

I live in Romania and I know from our newspapers that the CIA planes stopped on the airports Mihail Kogalniceanu and Timisoara, but I am sure that in Romania there are not secret prisons. -- Constantin Liviuviorel, Romania

Germany seems more "troubled" about the fate of terrorists in CIA custody than the activities of the terrorists themselves. It should be kept in mind that information gathered from jailed terrorists may prevent something bad from happening in Germany. But it is considered safe to criticize the CIA. Judging from the free pass given to terrorists on trial in German courts, nothing must be done to make the terrorists mad. They may notice that Berlin has some tall buildings too. -- Petra Ronish

It does not matter what we think about the truthfulness of secret CIA prisons on European soil, the facts are well-documented that the CIA very seldom played by the rules of the Geneva Convention. So why should we doubt the critics now? -- Guenter Gosau, Canada The Washington Post is known for getting it wrong sometimes. There is a big fight between Republicans and Democrats and I'll bet that is the underlying issue. One is doing everything it can to embarrass Bush at the moment. He doesn't need any help though. -- russaa

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  • Date 27.11.2005
  • Author Compiled by DW staff (ncy)
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  • Date 27.11.2005
  • Author Compiled by DW staff (ncy)
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