Season 2: Facing the Consequences | LBE: Crossroads Generation | DW | 12.01.2015
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Crossroads Generation

Season 2: Facing the Consequences

The young characters have to face the consequences of their actions and some tricky new situations.

In Dan’s home country Laboria, civil war has broken out and his family seems to be affected. For now, he’s safe in the neighboring country at Bongo Academy but that doesn’t mean he’s been avoiding trouble. His attitude towards women has put him in a delicate position. Is he ready to take responsibility?

Mercy also has a lot on her mind. Her twin brothers Kadu and Banda have finally returned to their family – but what have they been through? Why do they keep having bad dreams and what’s behind Banda’s constant coughing? Something else is also disturbing the family reunion. Mercy’s father Msoto is having trouble with the police and with his wife who has finally decided to stand up against him. However all of this is nothing compared to Mercy’s big secret…

At school Mercy’s friendship with Trudy is put to the test and Niki is also no longer the best student in class…

The young people of “Crossroads Generation” have to deal with a lot in the second season. However, they also discover that they don’t have to face everything alone and can count on each other when the going gets tough.

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