Season 1: Facing Tough Choices | LBE: Crossroads Generation | DW | 03.02.2014
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Crossroads Generation

Season 1: Facing Tough Choices

Mercy, Dan and Niki are the young heroes of Learning by Ear’s radio soap “Crossroads Generation”. There are tough choices to make throughout this first season - and some might change their lives forever.

Mercy has made it! She’s just got a scholarship to attend Bongo Academy, one of the country’s top high schools. For the 15-year-old girl living in the slums, this is a dream come true. At home, life is tough. Her mother is expecting another baby while Mercy’s two younger brothers have been sent away to their aunt who’s offered to help take care of them - will she keep her promise?

Mercy’s new friend Trudy is helping her acclimate to life at Bongo Academy, but how positive is her influence? Trouble begins when two boys fall for Mercy. Her classmates Dan and Niki are both trying to win her affection, but only one of them gives her butterflies...

Niki comes from an ambitious middle class family. By being appointed head of the class at the new school, he’s on the right track to make his parents proud. Dan is quite the opposite. Back in his home country, he used to drive his parents crazy, which is why they sent him away to get a good education at Bongo Academy. Now he’ll be prepared to take over the family business - at least that’s his parent’s plan…

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