Schellpeper, Almuth | Speakers | DW | 23.04.2012
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Schellpeper, Almuth

Senior Lecturer, International Media Studies Master's Program, DW Akademie, Bonn, Germany

Bild: 41_picture_Almuth Schellpeper_AG_244x330.jpg Titel: GMF12 Foto Almuth Schellpeper Schlagworte: Global Media Forum 2012, Speaker41 Beschreibung: Speaker Almuth Schellpeper auf dem Global Media Forum 2012 Format: Sonderformat 244x330 Bildrechte: Almuth Schellpeper, Verwertungsrechte im Kontext des Global Media Forums 2012 eingeräumt.

Almuth Schellpeper has been a senior lecturer for the International Media Studies Master’s program at DW Akademie in Bonn since 2009. She lectures media convergence, media science and media education. She is also responsible for multimedia student projects. Schellpeper received a Master’s degree in media science from the Eberhard Karls Universität in Tübingen and a Master’s degree in development management from Ruhr University Bochum. From 2003 to 2009 she lived in South Africa where she conducted training courses for DW Akademie in Africa and worked as a lecturer in communication studies at Varsity College Cape Town. Previously she worked as a TV and radio journalist in Germany and South Africa.

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