Saudi princess says jewels stolen from the Paris Ritz | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 10.09.2018
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Saudi princess says jewels stolen from the Paris Ritz

A Saudi princess has reported the theft of jewels worth €800,000 from her suite in the Ritz Hotel in Paris. The neighborhood is home to dozens of luxury boutiques and jewelry stores.

A member of the Saudi royal family says jewels worth €800,000 ($930,000) went missing from her suite at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, a police source said on Monday. The unnamed princess said the theft happened on Friday afternoon.

The jewels had not been placed in the hotel safe and there was no sign of forced entry into the princess' room. It was the second heist this year reported from the luxury five-star hotel which is located on Place Vendome in the heart of the French capital.

In January, an armed gang used axes to smash the windows of shops in the Paris Ritz, making off with several million euros worth of jewelry. Three suspects were arrested as they fled the scene. All of the stolen goods, some of which were dropped by the thieves as they tried to escape, were recovered.

Paris has been the scene of several other high-profile jewelry robberies and heists, including in October 2016 when American socialite and social media star Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint. She was tied up and locked in a bathroom after a gang of armed men burst into her Paris apartment, making off with around $9.5 million (€8.2 million) worth of jewelry.

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kw/rc (AFP, Reuters)

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