Satellite reception in Europe | Deutsche Welle TV - reception information for Europe | DW | 01.04.2022

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Satellite reception in Europe

Here you can find all information about directly receiving DW's channels via satellite in Europe.

For direct satellite reception we recommend a dish size of at least 80 cm. in diameter.
Additionally, if you have a large enough satellite dish, it may be possible to receive DW's channels outside of the central broadcasting area. Please contact customer service for more information:

Channel DW English (24/7 English)
Astra 1M Europe
Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B Europe, Middle East and North Africa
Astra 5B Eastern Europe, Central Asia und Western Russia

Channel DW Deutsch (24/7 German)
Astra 4A Eastern Europe und Western Europe

Channel DW Arabia (24/7 Arabic)
BADR 4 South-central Europe

Radio Programming
Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B Europe, Middle East and North Africa

You can find additional reception information for Europe on our regional website.

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