SAP to Reshape Management Board | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 01.03.2005
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SAP to Reshape Management Board

SAP, the world's leading maker of business software applications, is to reshuffle the responsibilities of its management team in an effect to simplify its command structure as it gets ready for a face-off with US rival Oracle, the German group's chairman announced Tuesday. The management reshuffle would help provide "clear responsibilities, speed and accountability," SAP chairman Henning Kagermann told the Wall Street Journal Europe in an interview. The newspaper said that the responsibilities of the seven-strong management board were currently piecemeal, with some duties overlapping. Under the reshuffle, responsibilities would be split clearly among the seven board members, along the lines of research for new products; management of the current product line; global development; sales; installation and maintenance of services. The existing roles of chief financial officer and chief executive would remain unchanged.

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