Sanfilippo, Damien | Speakers | DW | 24.04.2012
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Sanfilippo, Damien

Global Product Manager Cotton, Fairtrade International, Bonn, Germany

An environmental scientist by training, Sanfilippo coordinated natural habitat restoration programs in Florida’s wetlands and biodiversity research programs in Madagascar before working on the development and promotion of sustainable cotton production since 2005.

He has worked with organic cotton producers in West Africa, contributed to the development of innovative sustainable pest management methods, and has also worked with fashion schools across Europe, educating the fashion designers of tomorrow about sustainable cotton.

Executive co-chair of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) until 2009, the global multi-stakeholder initiative for sustainable cotton, he contributed to the development of the BCI system before joining Fairtrade International as global product manager for Fairtrade cotton.

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