Sameh from the Palestinian territories | Middle East/North Africa | DW | 16.05.2012
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Middle East/North Africa

Sameh from the Palestinian territories

Sameh Khader is General Director of International Relations and Training at the Palestinian Public Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) in Ramallah, in charge of PBC's international contacts and trainings for employees.

In April, Sameh Khader took part in "Covering Youth Affairs on TV", a DW Akademie workshop for managers and producers which took place in Berlin.

What surprised you the most during your stay in Germany?
German punctuality. There also seem to be rules and guidelines for all types of work, and this appears to function well within an overall system. I admired the energy among DW staff and their "big family" concept.

What did you learn during the workshop?
That teamwork is essential for any type of work. It confirmed my belief that dialogue and discussions can lead to success. I now also feel more flexible. We work quite differently to DW, and this was an opportunity for us - and the trainers - to discuss our cultural and professional differences.

How was the group atmosphere?
We all felt a bit anxious at the beginning but we were given a warm welcome by DW management and this paved the way for a relaxed atmosphere. We got to know each other through our group work and discussions, and the coffee breaks also helped me get closer to my colleagues.

To me DW Akademie is….
… a partner you can always rely on. PBC and DW Akademie have been working together on a long-term initiative, and DW Akademie trainers are passionate about their work and show great respect for other cultures.

Beschreibung: Fotos von einem Training für Manager und Jungredakteure der Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) aus Ramallah. Sieben Teilnehmer aus Palästina waren zu Gast in der DW Akademie in Berlin für Seminare in Management und Organisationsstrategien. Das Training ist Teil eines Langzeitprojekts, mit dem eine neue Jugendsendung für Palästina ausgearbeitet werden soll. Die neue Jugendsendung soll langfristig das bestehende Format der PBC für Jugendliche ersetzen. Ziel ist die bessere Einbindung von Jugendlichen und eine breitere Themenvielfalt, welche Probleme und aktuelle Themen von Jugendlichen aufgreifen sollen. Datum April 2012, Fotograf Thomas Rehermann

Working out strategies at DW Akademie Berlin.

What did you do at the end of each day?
We often went sightseeing and visited numerous sites including Checkpoint Charlie and the remains of the Berlin Wall. One of the trainers also loaned me a bike and so I cycled around the city - it was an amazing experience to explore what was once East and West Berlin.

What was the first thing you did after returning home?
Story telling, if you like! Most of my colleagues and I shared our new skills and experiences with those colleagues who were not able to take part in the workshop.

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