Salih, Faisal Mohamed | Speakers | DW | 05.05.2011
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Salih, Faisal Mohamed

Journalist and Lecturer, Director of Teeba Press


Faisal Mohamed Salih works as a journalist for the Al-Akhbar newspaper and as director of Teeba Press. He is active as a media training consultant for national and international organizations including UNICEF, Pan African Parliament (PAP) and for political analysis on Sudanese and African affairs, among others for the BBC Arabic Service, and Aljazeera-Doha-QATAR. As an activist for rights and freedom of media, Salih maintains contacts with various international and national organizations like Reporters Without Borders and Article 19. Amongst others Salih’s publications broach the issues of cultural diversity and identity and talk about the relation between media and human rights in the Arab World.

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