Ruth Krause from Germany | Traineeship | DW | 14.06.2012
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Ruth Krause from Germany

Ruth Krause began a DW traineeship in March. After attending DW Akademie seminars for two months she's begun an internship with the DW culture desk. An internship in the DW Brussels studio is also on her list.

What made you apply for the DW traineeship?
I wanted to work in broadcasting and at the same time be involved with intercultural issues and topics. I'd travelled a lot during my studies and would have sorely missed hearing all those different languages. So being accepted into the traineeship was really a dream come true!

What has been the biggest surprise so far?
That the traineeship suddenly feels so short. Eighteen months initially seemed long but now I won't have enough time to work in all the editorial offices that interest me!

What type of skills are you learning?
Everything: news, radio features, mobile reporting - it's all part of the package. So far I've really enjoyed researching agriculture and farming in Iraq, learning presentation techniques and working at the culture desk.

What are you personally gaining from the traineeship?
Meeting the different and interesting people who work here. Yesterday, for example, I met up with Peter Hille who'd just spent months biking through Africa.

Current DW trainees (Photo: DW).

Team work: Young journalists in DW Akademie's traineeship program

How are the trainees getting on with each other?
Really well - and I'm glad. Creative processes are much easier if there are good group dynamics. The traineeship can be pretty stressful at times and so it's important that we're able to support each other.

What do you do at the end of the day?
I definitely have to move after sitting at a desk for so long! I go to a capoeira workout twice a week - capoeira is like a martial art that combines dance and acrobatics. I sometimes persuade my roommate to come on a motorbike ride and I'm also turning our dull-looking garden into a vegetable plantation. There are times, though, when I'm just tired and fall into bed.

What are your plans after completing the traineeship?
I'd like to produce cultural documentaries and reports. And I'd like to get back on the road - ideally for DW Akademie projects in South America.

For me DW Akademie is …
…fascinating, new and exciting. And it's where I feel most comfortable as an up-and-coming journalist.

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