Russia: The Buranovo Grannies | European Journal | DW | 13.04.2012
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European Journal

Russia: The Buranovo Grannies

The Buranovo Grannies are long-standing favorite in Russia. The folk group is made up of six elderly women from a village in the Ural mountains, shaking a leg to a disco beat.

Das Dorf Buranowa in der russischen Teilrepublik Utmurtien. Herkunft: DW Eigendreh Verantwortliche Redakteurin: Susanne Richter

The village of Buranovo in Russia.

The group is to represent Russia at the Eurovision song contest in Baku this year. The women, all over 70 and some past 80, beat other acts hands down in the qualifiers. The group of six has been around for decades, and hail from the village of Buranavo in the Udmurt Republic, a three-hour flight from Moscow. They sing in their native Udmurt language and have plenty of young fans.