Roman Lob wins the German Eurovision finals | Music | DW | 16.02.2012
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Roman Lob wins the German Eurovision finals

Over the course of eight television casting shows he was a clear favorite. Television call-in voters confirmed Roman Lob as Germany's representative at the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

21-year-old Roman Lob came out on top over thousands of applicants, winning out in the televised national finale over contestant Ornella de Santis.

With tears in his eyes, Lob buried his face in the shoulder of his co-competitor as though he couldn't believe his good fortune. De Santis, in contrast, appeared almost relieved, as though she had realized from the beginning of the finals that she would not win the majority of call-in votes of the TV audience.

Roman Lob singing in the first of eight casting shows. Photo: Hermann J. Knippertz/dapd

A natural ease and sweeping refrains are his trademarks

Lob's edge was apparent throughout the entire show. The contest was quite close nonetheless, with less than one percent difference in votes between the two, Ornella de Santis having demonstrated the full richness of her vocal expressions.

That, in the end, wasn't enough. Roman Lob will represent Germany at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbeijan with the song "Standing Still.“ The song itself was also determined by call-in voting.

Author: Michael Lehmann

Editor: Rick Fulker