Rolf Rische, Deutsche Welle, Culture | We are Germany | DW | 05.06.2015
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We are Germany

Rolf Rische, Deutsche Welle, Culture

Statement for the DW-campaign "We Are Germany"

All culture is exchange. All art is dialogue. The Berlin Philharmonic comprises 124 musicians from 27 countries. Tilmann Otto, the son of a German minister, has hits in the Jamaican music charts under his stage name, Gentleman. Songs by German musician Adel Tawil, the son of North African immigrants, are in Germany’s Top Ten. Deutsche Welle reports about them and many other musicians – every day around the world. Intercultural dialogue has become visible, audible and palpable.
Current world hits are based on the beats of Afro-American rhythms. The international art scene wouldn’t be the same without its Greek, Roman and Oriental prototypes. Architecture around the world is also always modeled on foundations laid by the Byzantine Empire or Babylon.
Cultural diversity, exchange and dialogue in peaceful coexistence offer valuable potential for all societies. We show and communicate that every day to our viewers, listeners and online users everywhere around the world.