Rio 2016: Kenyan sprint coach poses as athlete for dope test | News | DW | 11.08.2016
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Rio 2016: Kenyan sprint coach poses as athlete for dope test

Kenya's team leader said the coach was kicked out of the games for "the crime he has committed against Team Kenya." It's the second time a Kenyan coach has been sent home during the 2016 games.

Kenyan athletics coach John Anzrah has been sent home from the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro by posing as a Kenyan athlete and taking a dope test under the false identity.

National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK) Chairman Kip Keino told Reuters news agency that they were surprised by Anzrah's presence at the Olympics.

"We don't even know how he came here because we did not facilitate his travel here," Keino said.

"He presented himself as an athlete, gave the urine sample and even signed the documents. We cannot tolerate such behavior," Keino added.

Kenyan team leader Stephen Arap Soil said Anzrah was kicked out because of the "crime he has committed against Team Kenya."

However, Anzrah has denied the charges.

The move has deepened concerns about Kenya's athletes after several runners tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs ahead of the games.

Kenyan track team manager Michael Rotich was sent home earlier this month after undercover reporters caught him asking for bribes in exchange for helping Olympians pass doping tests.

ls/rc (AP, Reuters)

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