Reports: Eavesdropping Attempt Made on Porsche Chief | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 26.04.2008
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Reports: Eavesdropping Attempt Made on Porsche Chief

German police have launched a probe after an attempt was made to eavesdrop on Porsche boss Wendelin Wiedeking while he was staying in a luxury hotel, German media are reporting.

A baby monitoring device was allegedly planted in a hotel room to overhear Porsche boss Wiedeking

A baby monitoring device was allegedly supposed to overhear Porsche boss Wiedeking

Security staff from the the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Wolfsburg found a "babyphone" concealed under a sofa in his room, the media reports said, which had been turned on and was transmitting.

Porsche has filed a complaint with the prosecutors' office in Braunschweig, a company spokesperson told the AP news agency on Saturday, April 26.

The newsmagazines Der Spiegel and Focus said an investigation is underway after the monitoring device was found in Wiedeking's room at the Ritz-Carlton in Wolfsburg in November. The reports said there was suspicion that the spying attempt took place one day before a meeting on Nov. 16.

Left behind?

The online news site Spiegel Online has reported that hotel security ruled out that a family with a child could have stayed in the suite previously and simply forgotten the device. For several weeks, there was no record of a family having spent an evening in the room.

Uwe Hueck

Uwe Hueck

Porsche told AP that other company officials had also been spied upon, including works council head Uwe Hueck, but did not supply any details. Focus has reported that his telephone conversations at Porsche headquarters in Stuttgart were allegedly wiretapped. It is not known who was behind the action but the company has reportedly notified prosecutors.

Porsche owns 31 percent of shares in Volkswagen, the biggest European automobile manufacturer, and wants to take full control of the firm.

Volkswagen has denied any role in espionage, Focus reported.

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