Reporter - Weltwärts: Germany’s Volunteer Service | Reporter - On Location | DW | 10.08.2019
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Reporter - Weltwärts: Germany’s Volunteer Service

Moises is from a poor region in Mexico, and has come to volunteer in Germany. He works in an addiction support center in Bielefeld. The German government’s volunteer exchange program "weltwärts” made it possible.

Watch video 12:32

Until recently, Germany’s exchange program "weltwärts" was aimed at sending young German volunteers abroad. But the program is no longer just a one-way street. It’s now also for young people from other countries. The intention is to invite promising young community figures to come and learn new concepts in the German social environment which they can then apply back home. Moises lives in an indigenous community in rural Mexico. He works in a kindergarten, and is one of just a handful of people who has studied social work there. How useful is the program to him? A report by Anna Marie Goretzki.