Reporter - Sex? No, thanks - Asexual people speak out | Reporter - On Location | DW | 17.09.2022

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Reporter - Sex? No, thanks - Asexual people speak out

What does it mean to live without sexual desire? Can you have children? Can you find a partner? Is it still possible to be in love? We meet three asexual people who tell us about their lives.

Three asexual people talk about their lives and their very different ways of navigating their sexual orientation. Lennart is 38 and lives in Hamburg. After a few relationships he concluded that he’s asexual and aromantic. He has no interest in having sex or a partner. 60-year-old Martin from Speyer realized in his youth that he was asexual, even if he didn’t have a term for it at the time. Nonetheless, he is married and has two children. But for him, sex is only a means to an end. 22-year-old Akaya from Bielefeld has no sexual desire of any kind. She also finds masturbation unappealing. She lives with her girlfriend in a homoromantic relationship without sex. A Report by Tessa Clara Walther