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Reporter - Jörg Can Dance! On Stage with Down Syndrome

November 14, 2020

The dance company SZENE 2WEI brings together performers with and without disabilities. Jörg, a dancer with Down syndrome, is training with the company. He wants to be a professional dancer. The company sees his talent rather than any disability.


The more varied the body language and expression of the individual dancers, the more interesting the artistic process - that’s the belief of the dance company SZENE 2WEI. The ensemble includes several members with Down syndrome and one woman who needs a wheelchair to get around. Those dancers with no disabilities also appreciate the open atmosphere, which contrasts strongly with their experience at other companies where pressure and rivalry often impede the search for the best artistic solution. The desire of everyone at the company is to leave behind labels like "disabled” or "normal”. Jörg Beese, who has Down syndrome, already sees himself as a professional dancer and hopes soon to be able to perform with other established dance companies. A report by Anna Marie Goretzki..