Reporter - A Nurse Moves to Germany | Reporter - On Location | DW | 19.09.2020
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Reporter - A Nurse Moves to Germany

Nursing staff are in short supply in Germany, because not enough Germans want to perform this demanding, yet not very well-paid job. So more and more nurses are being recruited from abroad. Iyaloo from Namibia is one of them.

Watch video 12:36

In her homeland of Namibia, Iyaloo Akuunda studied nursing, but couldn’t find work. So, when she heard that Germany was looking for nurses, she decided to learn German and try her luck abroad. After a lot of hard work and help from a recruitment agency, she was offered a job at Düsseldorf University Hospital. Iyaloo was initially thrilled, even though it was hard to say goodbye to her family. But not everything in Germany is as she’d envisioned it would be. A report by Ruth Krause and Adrian Kriesch.