Refugee crisis in South Sudan as thousands flee fighting | News | DW | 12.01.2014
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Refugee crisis in South Sudan as thousands flee fighting

Fighting between government troops and rebels in South Sudan has killed thousands of people and displaced more than 200,000. Many people have been forced to take shelter in refugee camps inside the country and abroad.

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Refugee crisis in South Sudan

Tens of thousands of people have fled South Sudan since fighting began last month, when soldiers loyal to former Vice President Riek Machar rebelled against President Salva Kiir's government.

Around 10,000 people have gone north to Sudan, the UN's refugee agency said Sunday. The Uganda Red Cross, meanwhile, said more than 46,000 people have fled from South Sudan to neighboring Uganda in that same time period. Most of those refugees are living in two transit camps in the northwest of the country, near the border towns of Adjumani and Arua, the organization added.

dr/kms (AFP, dpa)

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