Readers′ views from around the world | World| Breakings news and perspectives from around the globe | DW | 26.03.2015
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Readers' views from around the world

People from around the world send in their feedback on our stories. After the Germanwings airliner with 150 passengers crashed in the French Alps, some readers have also sent their condolences.

"May all the victims of this plane crash rest in peace. We are with families of the deceased," - Ali, Pakistan.

"My wife and me want to extend our thoughts and prayers to all the families of the victims of this tragedy, but especially to the families and citizens of Haltern am See. We wish that we could be there to convey our condolences. May God bless you all," - Frederick, United States.

"I'm sorry for the loss of your citizens. Your officials are great. No fussing with ignorant media questions. They are all are being open and honest with media, who can report the facts as they unfold." - Jennifer, Canada.

"Our sincere sympathy for the loss of all those children and teachers. Our hearts break for the parents, families and friends of all these people who have lost their lives. It is unbelievable that anyone would do such a thing," - Krane, United States.

"Very sorry to read about this tragic news. My heart aches for all those lives lost. My hometown is not that far away from Haltern und the loss this small town has to deal with is just too great," - Anna, Canada.

"The only obvious, unasked, question to this whole thing is: What is being done to guarantee that this will not happen in the future? Without that guarantee, there is no reason to put any trust in any airline anymore. Actually there wasn't much reason before this either. And, it has nothing to do with fate," - Miller, United States.

"My wife and I are parents and grandparents. Both of us were teachers most of our lives. I lived in Berlin during the 1950's. We share the shock and sadness that has overtaken your country. Our hearts and thoughts are with you." Dwight and Peggy, United States.

"The family and friends of this crash have my deepest sympathy! I hope that the authorities can find the cause of the crash as soon as possible." Anthony, United States.

*Deutsche Welle (DW) reserves the right to edit emails to our team. The comments posted here do not reflect the views of Deutsche Welle.