Readers′ views from around the world | Asia| An in-depth look at news from across the continent | DW | 08.03.2012
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Readers' views from around the world

People from around the world send in their feedback on our stories. Here are some selected comments. They reflect our reader's concerns regarding issues big and small.

For the time being, the Japanese government will not change their pro-nuclear policy. But they will be forced to change that by the opposition of their own nationals. And in the course of time, renewables will become profitable. In Japan, there is plenty of potential for using natural energy, and we also have the technology to reduce energy spending.

Snowman, Japan
On: There are no excuses since Fukushima, March 3

Like the Pakistani Cricket team and Field Hockey team this story is great and fantastic and deserves the Oscar or gong. Let's hope that the Pakistani prime minister will allow all women in Paksitan to compete in the ICC Cricket World Cup for the ladies.

Stuart John Pearson, Australia
On: Pakistan's first Oscar is a triumph for Pakistani women, February 27

I hereby advocate that the United States of America sever all ties with Pakistan and refuse to provide one more US dollar in aid, approximately $10 billion since 2001. If Pakistan cannot use $1 billion a year, that is fine. I'm sure Israel could use the money.

ynohtan sregor, USA
On: Islamist organizations forge an anti-US alliance in Pakistan, February 27

Yes the Israeli Mossad are much more professional and hardly ever get caught like the bungling Iranian bombers, who will now become a classic example of how not to carry out an assassination.

G. Gosau, Canada
On: Iranian bombers targeted Israelis, Thai police say, February 16

Don't worry about your number of followers, most view in "stealth mode." Followers are just one's "customer unfilled orders list" for financing purposes.

Gary G Stromberger, Canada
On: European Coucil president's blog becomes a hit in China, February 15

South-East Asia is the last place China should go to in order to feed the Chinese people's nationalistic interests. South-East Asia is already crowded with people, people with their own cultures and religion. Instead, Mr. Xi should look north for more space, arable land, water, oil, gas and minerals for China's 3 billion plus people. The entire Russian Far East is ready for the taking... RFE is a waste land in Russian hands. Mr. Xi's China and its people could build it.

Paul Heinila, Canada
On: China's Xi Jinping expected to push hawkish policies, February 14

I think it is a shame that a developed part of the world like the EU should have to go for financial help to China... what Europe should do if they really want to boost the economy and get this endless financial turmoil solved is to bring back a big part of the production they have sent to China, giving jobs back to the Europeans, in order to force China to upgrade the social, civil and labour rights in their own country.

Diego, UK
On: EU-China summit expected to focus on big issues, February 14

DW reserves the right to edit emails to our team. The comments posted here do not reflect the views of DW.

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