Readers take Deutsche Bahn to task for hot trains | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 14.07.2010
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Readers take Deutsche Bahn to task for hot trains

Most readers gave Deutsche Bahn a piece of their mind after more than 40 people were hospitalized due to heat related problems while traveling on German trains.

Medical professionals take a heat-stricken patient off the platform from a Deutsche Bahn train

At least 44 people ended up in hospital over the weekend

The following comments reflect the views of DW-WORLD.DE readers. Not all reader comments have been published. DW-WORLD.DE reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

Deutsche Bahn faces an investigation after passengers collapse in heat

Question: Should Deutsche Bahn face criminal charges, or is compensation enough?

That's great that people in Germany take care of themselves and their rights in a legal way. Yes, they should travel in comfort but things happen and I wouldn't sue Deutsche Bahn for the heat which has been affecting the whole of Europe. Besides this, DB is ready to compensate! Just for your info, in Russia most trains are in such a poor condition that no one even thinks of having air conditioners there. -- Olga, Russia

Sealed and trapped in a potential coffin ... not a pretty picture; especially as the problem was known. I have expected better of Deutsche Bahn but perhaps I am thinking of an earlier time. It is sad, very sad for the people who suffered, and for the disappointment in a company once known for its integrity. -- Penny, US

The company and the CEO should be punished. Massive fines for the company, and as for the CEO, make him/her be forced to ride across Germany in an un-air-conditioned train ... without water in a suit and tie. There is no acceptable reason for what happened ... only pure greed. -- B.Mann, Canada

We were on a high speed train on Sunday and clearly they still hadn't learned that the heat was ridiculous. There was only air-conditioning on half of the train (not the part we were on). There was also no cafe, so there was nowhere to purchase water ... on a five hour train trip from Berlin to Prague. It's not acceptable and they should be investigated. -- Kim, Australia

I have to travel a lot on DB and can assure potential travellers that German trains are stuffy at the best of times. Local trains between Aachen and Cologne are almost without air except when the doors open at stations. The mighty ICEs are dreadful in anything approaching hot weather and not much better in winter. DB doesn't seem to believe in any form of ventilation. No doubt the managers will reward themselves amply with the money they've saved! The train staff certainly doesn't care! -- A. Cameron, Belgium

Yes, definitely! I believe they often abuse their monopoly position, as in case of their poor customer service, high prices, etc. I do think they deserve a proper punishment! -- Sarita, Germany via Facebook

Their ticket prices are almost the same as an airplane and there is no window to open when the air-conditioning is off, imagine 40 Celsius weather without air-conditioning plus four hours of travel! They should be punished and they must bring down their prices! -- Ehsan, Germany via Facebook

Deutsche Bahn is far cheaper than in Britain and Ireland, is far more reliable and punctual than our services (there is usually no air-conditioning on British trains) and while, yes, this is a sad state of affairs, compensation is just right. Who can we blame for the broken air conditioning? The maker of the machine? The cleaners for not cleaning properly? The person who checks all working parts? The blame game list goes on. This litigious modern society is getting out of hand. -- Joel via Facebook

There should be no criminal charges. Compensation is enough. Passengers should use their common sense when travelling on a hot day. Of course it's going to be hot in any enclosed area. -- Eugene via Facebook

In my experience, so far DB is the best in Europe. Has anyone tried Trentalia in Italy on a hot summer day? Don't ask too much! The real problem is global warming to which I am sure those engineers at DB are now working hard to adapt. Be it a better and more reliable air-conditioning system or redesigning the air-conditioning system. Believe, the Germans never sleep! -- Titik via Facebook

Compensation = Hey, a free trip on Deutsche Bahn! Come sweat one more time, and relive the memories. Criminal? No. Decent compensation, hell yes, and common sense not to have it happen again. Come on -- if you can't open the windows (which on ICE you can't, I recall) then you have to take that train out of service if the air-conditioning isn't working in 35 degree heat. German rail is one of the great transport networks of the world, but that's just boneheaded. If they're not careful they'll have the animal welfare people after them. -- Michael via Facebook

I also think that compensation is enough. Anything can break, and you should not blame anybody. -- Daniel via Facebook

Compiled by Stuart Tiffen
Editor: Chuck Penfold

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