Readers fault Western countries for response to Libyan crisis | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 18.03.2011
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Readers fault Western countries for response to Libyan crisis

The UN Security Council's vote for a no-fly zone and military intervention in Libya might be too little, too late for some readers. Several faulted Western countries as selfish, but others saw an urgent need for help.

Rebel Libyan forces stand outside the eastern town of Ras Lanouf

Some readers were upset that Libyan rebels have had no help

The following comments reflect the views of DW-WORLD.DE readers. DW-WORLD.DE reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

UN Security Council agrees no-fly zone over Libya

Germany and the US will gain no friends from the Libyan crisis by cowering away from making decisions. Other countries will lose respect and no longer be able to trust the high ideals and advice from Germany and the US. Your words mean nothing. This is not a good situation and like many things in life, there are no good options, only ones that you can live with. If Germany decides to become a non-entity and just a self-serving shadow then that is how the world will treat it. Germany is not doing anything that its people will be proud of. We all know the UN is useless and you are just hoping [Libyan dictator Moammar] Gadhafi will finish the job quickly so you won't have to do anything after all. Don't be surprised if your own people lose heart. You are ripping out the very foundations of your own country by behaving like a coward. - Gerhard , Canada

Yankee, go home! Libya is a sovereign state and your operation would be an aggression! - Alexander, Germany

I think the international community has failed to appropriately react to the Libyan crisis because many UN Security Council countries didn't want to be labeled as would-be "warmongers." They obviously haven't realized the gravity of the situation. By the looks of things, a no-fly zone comes too late. The rebels are obviously going to lose their final positions even without Gadhafi having to resort to his air forces. If the UN wants to make up for it, it should swiftly approve military actions so the opposition does not lose its last strongholds. Otherwise, there will be many innocent deaths - even without Gadhafi's air strikes within the no-fly zone. Then, origins for at least a new east Libyan country could be laid down, hopefully based on the democracy that Africa so desperately needs to see as an example. - Stanislav, Slovakia

The West has no business getting involved. It is all about business: oil, oil, oil. Stay out and leave them alone. - Guenter, St. Helena

UN draft on Libya calls for 'all necessary measures'

The UN Security Council should have honored the Arab League's request for a no-fly zone the moment they requested it. If the UN does not step in now, Gadhafi and his tribesmen will slaughter Libya's second-largest tribe in and around Benghazi, just as Hutus slaughtered Tutsis in Rwanda. - Robert, USA

European nations must come forward to prevent an impending genocide in Libya, though their leaders cannot be blamed for inaction. A no-fly zone without simultaneous covering from the ground will be a futile exercise in achieving the objective of dislodging Moammar Gadhafi - Seema, India

What does the EU have to do with a no-fly zone? This is going to be another Iraq war in African land. America should stay away from this conspiracy against Africa. This is going to be a disaster for those pushing for a no-fly zone. They should also remember that any time the EU and America conspire against Africa to invade her, that it will be a downfall for both, because Libya is not just Libya, but Africa as well. The Lord is just looking and watching. Please tell me, who are the rebels really? Well, you may ask Britain, France and America who they really are. [...] We believe that Germany will never support those that kill in Africa, too. - Eloka, Ecuador

EU criticized for inaction on Libya

The time is running out for the international community to act to save the Libyan people. Please stand with the Libyan people. This is the last chance to save innocent civilians. Please do this for their freedom and lives. - Benny, UK

Opinion: Stalling on Libya no-fly zone is tough, but necessary

The US has little credibility in the area and US involvement will be questioned as a strategy to enhance US interests, as it probably will be. – Dieter, USA

Please don't help Gadhafi or help the rebels. Gadhafi is the living example of terror incarnate. He will be replaced by a rebel leader with the same insane mindset, just like [Zimbabwean President Robert] Mugabe. Why worry and why care? By doing something you are guilty, by doing nothing you are guilty as well. Doing nothing just happens to be a lot less expensive. It's not Gadhafi, its Africa. Sounds crazy? Well, do you have better ideas? – Tom, South Africa

Compiled by Shant Shahrigian

Editor: Martin Kuebler

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