Readers express praise and criticism of Germany′s Libya policy | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 21.03.2011
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Social Media

Readers express praise and criticism of Germany's Libya policy

Germany is not taking part in the UN-mandated mission in Libya. Readers' opinions were divided but strong on Germany's decision to refrain from strikes in the embattled country.

An airstrike in Libya

Participating countries recently struck key targets in Libya

"No-fly zone" is a cushioned expression for war. I send praise to Germany for taking this stance in this new war, which has little to do with human rights but inclines towards oil and commerce. I wonder if Wikileaks has some information on the current happenings. Sarkozy, as did Thatcher before him with the Falklands war, is simply diverting attention from the unpopular policies on home ground. -- Sofia , Greece

Yes! It turned out that to enforce the so-called "no-fly zone" the three stooges (USA, France, UK) had to bomb Libya, resulting in the death of many Libyans! So, the three stooges must now reinforce their security arrangements to prepare for the possible revenge of the relatives of those killed. -- Kevin , Philippines

Germany wants the benefits that NATO and UN Membership bring, yet it does not equitably contribute when compared to other member nations. Germany ought to be actively involved in Libya, supporting the Libyan people along with the United States, United Kingdom, France and other peaceful nations. Germany needs to do its fair share and stop depending on other nations to do all of the hard work while Germany remains complacent and receives all of the benefits with little contribution and sacrifice in return. Germany's allies want to see a strong Germany who is a true partner and assumes its role and responsibility in the world. -- Brian , US

As an African, I don't approve of Gadhafi being the so-called godfather, but I think it is totally wrong of the West to intervene. That's another Iraq war in disguise. -- Doris , Ghana

Germany has long sat in the shadow when it comes to military intervention in international politics. The past will not be forgotten, but it is time for the German government and German people to reassert themselves on the world stage, as a world power once again, which fights against tyranny. -- Ben , New Zealand

As a Canadian, I am ashamed to pay taxes for the aggression toward an independent country. I praise Germany for not being an aggressor. -- Agatha , Canada

Yes, Germany made the right choice, and it's too bad the United States made the wrong one. -- Dallas , US

Germany's stance is absolutely right, although it risks its position in the EU. War actually has never done anyone good. I hope that Russia will also keep to its decision, but there is a possibility of it changing its behavior. -- Ekaterina , Russia

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle

German Foreign Minister Westerwelle rejected criticism of isolationism

If [Gadhafi] can't see that his countrymen have put an end to his chapter, then what else is left? He has to be removed from power, otherwise Libya gets permanently paralyzed. He is still living in the past, endlessly dreaming about his revolution and his green book, which were all designed to keep him in power until the pharaohs are resurrected, but alas Libyans saw the light! -- Ssemango , Uganda

I am disappointed the German government decided to not join the Arab League, France, Great Britain, the United States and other countries in their common decision to protect the Libyan people from the brutality of their dictator ruler. Germany is in the company of Russia, China and Venezuela, and this is hard to understand to those of us who are of German ancestry in the United States. -- William , US

International politics today makes me think that Germany is possibly one among the few countries that sounds sensible. Germany's international stand on Libya is certainly appreciated. It certainly isn't isolation from an international community, but you have profoundly won the hearts of millions around the globe, with me being just one representative of that appreciation. The implementation of this UN resolution is questionable for at least two reasons. Firstly, the rebels of Libya are armed. The existing political system is fighting against a group of armed rebels who stand within their own soil against the social fabric of the nation. This is not synonymous to an Iraqi invasion over Kuwait, which is what BBC and CNN are citing as an example. Secondly, foreign intervention is not permitted in the civil and internal affairs of a nation. Experts will be able to identify more reasons than what I have cited. Regretfully, the UN resolution is a manifestation of the hastiness of the western powers who continue to suppress nations around the world that have different political and social systems to theirs. -- Thomas , Korea

Compiled by Greg Wiser
Editor: Michael Lawton

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