Readers discuss Germany′s World Cup debut shutout against Australia | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 14.06.2010
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Readers discuss Germany's World Cup debut shutout against Australia

The 4-0 World Cup victory of the German team over the Australians in their first game of the 2010 World Cup has many fans confident for the future. However, some still preach caution.

Fans in Hamburg watch the match versus Australia on an outdoor video screen

Fans all over Germany watched the game at public viewing events

The following comments reflect the views of DW-WORLD.DE readers. Not all reader comments have been published. DW-WORLD.DE reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

Australia didn't have their best day. At the same time a yellow card was against Germany because of lack of effort. It's the small things that can stop a team in the next round. Each player has a job to do. You must stay humble and ready for the next game. -- Malcolm, Canada

Good article by Nick Amies. It seems churlish to talk down the excellent display of the German national team against Australia, but one must look at the early formline like any good horseracing enthusiast would. This was a very poor Australian team, reduced to ten men in the second half. If Germany can take out Serbia without problems then I will probably become a believer, as I feel confident that they can beat Ghana (weakened by the absence of Michael Essien) comfortably. The German media (especially the three incredible tabloids) are whipping the good citizens up into a frenzy, but, I repeat, this early formline is flawed, without a doubt. Let's therefore hang-on a bit and wait for Serbia? -- Fred, Germany

Congratulations on winning the match versus Australia with this first ideal performance and score of my beloved Deutschland national team in this World Cup. Podolski, who played a key role in this match, I had every confidence and very sure that you would head up your group and you would be number one player. I hope that the next matches turn out to be as or more successful than this for you. Keep up the good performance! Podolski is the man of match and the icon of German football. -- Belkebir, Algeria

Greetings from our Rainbow Listener's Club in Kushtia here in Bangladesh. Congratulations to the German football team for their win in their first match against Australia in the Worldcup 2010. We wish them every success. -- Wobaydullah, Bangladesh

To an oil-stained world two events brought grace elegance and happiness: Winter Games in Canada and this week the “happy” World Cup in South Africa. Today Australia will add more of the joy of sport to a sad world, whatever the result. South Africa led that charge in its opener and USA followed it last night. -- Neil, Australia

A poor Mexican referee and no Harry Kewell. The Mexican referee deliberately missed a handball by a German player in the box early in the second half and should have awarded a penalty to Australia. The less said about the Tim Cahill incident by me the better. This could be the death of Australian football at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The Socceroos are in a suicide mood. My tip to win is Spain because their country needs a morale boosting event for their poor economy and high unemployment in Europe. -- Stuart, Australia

Germany's Lukas Podolski celebrates after scoring during the World Cup Group D soccer match between Germany and Australia at the stadium in Durban, South Africa, Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lukas Podolski scored the opening goal in the early minutes of the match

Greetings from Rajshahi, Bangladesh. I hope you are well. I am very glad that my dream team Germany made a good start in FIFA World Cup 2010. I enjoyed the match with my family members. I hope they will be the champion. -- Salahuddin, Bangladesh

Hats off to the German football team for winning their first game in the World Cup. I desire to see your team as the winner. -- Sayan, India

Australia was easy to beat. Now, lets see what's next. -- Azura via Facebook

Ghana and Serbia will be the next victims! -- Eugene via Facebook

Australia will come back. -- Antoinette via Facebook

The dominance was obvious but it was started by two Poles! Great job Podolski and Klose! -- Christopher via Facebook

Germany are a very good side. No doubt Aussiland will take this loss and should play better in the next round. -- Jason via Facebook

Germany will meet other very good teams before winning the Cup! -- Ivy via Facebook

I agree that it was an amazing warm-up exercise for Deutschland. The Aussies have tried their very best, for sure, but the difference between their ranks was simply too big. Let's see what's coming up next. Go, go Deutschland! Nur Mut! -- Paskol via Facebook

Compiled by Stuart Tiffen
Editor: Chuck Penfold

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