Readers consider Turkey unwelcome in the EU | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 12.11.2010
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Readers consider Turkey unwelcome in the EU

Readers echoed sentiments of the European Commission after the ruling body criticized Turkey over perceived shortfalls in the country's EU membership bid.

A Turkish flag superimposed with the EU flag

Most who wrote in consider Turkey a bad fit for the EU

The following comments reflect the views of DW-WORLD.DE readers. Not all reader comments have been published. DW-WORLD.DE reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

Opinion: A guilty conscience is no basis for membership
EU criticizes Turkey in annual report on membership hopefuls

I could not imagine a worse situation. Turkey is unique! Its history, culture, religion are so far removed from the rest of the EU. It would lose its heart and soul. The "man in the street" Turk does not want EU membership. -- Sue, Australia

I believe Turkey should be allowed to join the European Union provided that it recognizes and supports a reunified Republic of Cyprus. Greeks and Turks on the island have wanted reconciliation for decades, but one which is based on relevant UN resolutions, EU norms, and human rights. In the past, proposals were perceived to facilitate outsiders, like Britain, Turkey, Greece or the United States. The onus is on Turkey, which is the applicant nation, and the only one in the world that doesn't recognize the legitimate rights of all Cypriots. -- Nick, Canada

Turkey should never be allowed to join the European Union. This country still denies its past atrocities against other people like the Armenian genocide, unlawfully occupies part of the former sovereign republic of Cyprus, calls itself secular but really profoundly Islamic (which heavily influences government), and persecutes non-Muslims. It is a fact that Christians in Turkey keep their religion secret and going to church for worship is a safety hazard! -- Irma, Philippines

Turkey should definitely not join the EU and not given special status either. The EU is not just an economic union and membership should not be based only on economics and strategic interests. The EU should and is based on values and morality which Turkey does not cherish. It is a country which has been occupying by force part of another member state Cyprus, since 1974. The part of Cyprus they occupied they cleansed of the Greek population and brought in settlers from Turkey. They systematically destroyed all Christian churches and looted most Christian archaeological sites in an attempt to change the demographics of the island. Freedom of religion within Turkey itself does not exist. Turkey seriously lags behind in areas like freedom of press, freedom of expression, women's rights and even trade unions. They suppress the Kurdish minority of the country and it is a 99 percent Muslim country because even in their recent history (Armenian genocide of 1915) they literally exterminated all other religions by killing millions of people. Worse is that they do not even want to admit this and apologize like a European country should do. On top of these they are a country with a population of more than 70 million which would change the balance of power within the EU itself and yes they are Muslim with a completely different culture while Europe is Christian. If Turkey is allowed in and then Syria, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria and Egypt ask to join the EU as well what will tell them? Is this a European Union or not? -- Sam, Great Britain

Turkey should not join the EU. The EU is a union based both on morality as well as interests. Morality should be as important as interests in politics and especially within a union if it is to function. Law, order and morality at the end of the day help everyone. Acting immorally in the short run seems to be beneficial but at the end hurts everyone. Order is better than chaos. Turkey has issues both internally and externally including the occupation of Cyprus. Turkey should first withdraw its military from Cyprus and then maybe considered to join the EU. -- Aliki, Great Britain

The people of Europe do not want Turkey in the union. The Americans want Turkey in the EU in order to keep their world domination. We should not change the demographics of our countries so that America and NATO keep their influence. Europe should start thinking of creating its own alliance and not depend on NATO so much which quite often forces the EU to go against our will and against our moral values. -- Ted, Great Britain

Compiled by Stuart Tiffen
Editor: Rob Turner

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