Readers′ choice: DW′s top 10 environment stories of 2018 | Environment| All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 28.12.2018
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Readers' choice: DW's top 10 environment stories of 2018

From water shortages to sustainable tourism, plastic pollution to the impacts of climate change — these are your favorite environmental stories from DW in 2018.

10.  To fly or not to fly? The environmental cost of air travel

Though air travel is more popular than ever, the vast majority of people in the world have never been on a plane. As that dynamic slowly changes, the environment stands to suffer. Is flying less the only solution? 

 9. Is the 'Saudi Arabia of water' wasting its most valuable resource?

The Guarani aquifer in South America is the second-largest body of subterranean freshwater on the planet — but drought, heightened usage and privatization rumors underscore the need to protect it.

 8. Climate-induced sea-level rise to worsen tsunami impacts

In the wake of the latest tsunami to hit the Indonesian coast, research shows how even slight sea-level rises linked to climate change could significantly increase the devastating effects of tidal waves.

 7. Hydropower supply dries up with climate change

Water power is the largest renewable energy source in the world, but some plants are running out of water due to severe droughts. Is climate change jeopardizing the future of hydropower?

An Indian man holds an umbrella as he walks on the dry reservoir bed next to Gunda Dam

An Indian man walks on the dry reservoir bed next to Gunda Dam

 6. Arctic warmer than much of Europe is a worrying sign of climate change

As frigid air swept across Europe, the Arctic itself saw an unprecedented warm spell. What was going on and did it relate to global warming?

 5. Krill can digest ocean plastics: 'That is certainly not good news at all'

Scientists have shown for the first time that krill can break down plastic through digestion. But what might sound like a solution to marine plastic pollution is actually very concerning, says the study's co-author.

 4. Cape Town water crisis: adapting to a water-scarce future

Cape Town might have dodged Day Zero, but a new hyper-consciousness of water use looks set to be the new normal — and not just for the drought-hit African city.

Cape Town residents queue to collect water

Cape Town residents queue to collect water

 3. The Burmese python and the fight for the Florida Everglades

The Florida Everglades are famous throughout the world, with alligators as their best-known inhabitants. However, there’s a new predator in town — and it is wreaking havoc on this remarkable ecosystem.

 2. Tiny Tulum goes from beach paradise to eco nightmare

With its eco-chic hotels, yoga retreats, Mayan ruins, luscious jungles and turquoise ocean, the Mexican town of Tulum has become the new bohemian hotspot. But at a devastating cost to the environment.

 1. Supply chains at risk as pollinators die out

Intensive modern agriculture still relies on wild birds, bees and beasts for pollination. But these species — and the whole industrial supply chains that depend on them — are at risk, according to a new global survey.

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