Readers are in love with Germany and Germans | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 13.02.2011
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Readers are in love with Germany and Germans

Ever wondered what it'd be like to fall in love with a German? DW readers say the Germans they've wooed are loyal, sweet and beautiful - most of them, at least.

A woman with a heart painted on her face in the colors of the German flag

Have you fallen for a German?

The following comments reflect the views of DW-WORLD.DE readers. DW-WORLD.DE reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

Several readers wrote in to tell us how they have fallen for Germans and Germany, although they didn't have just positive things to say.

I am now in my best romance ever. He is the sweetest person I've met all my life. He is loyal, which is a characteristic not found in Latin American men. -- Lorena, Colombia

I have been in Germany nine times from 1975 through 2005. I enjoy everything: the cities, the country, the trains, the food, the beer, the culture and the women. Beautiful. I have fallen in love all nine times. -- Thomas, United States

I served in the US Army and was stationed in Berlin for many years. When the Berlin Wall went up during the Cold War, we were put on alert for whatever the outcome might be. I had three tours of duty in Berlin, a tour of duty in Bad Nauheim and one in Frankfurt. I came to love Germany, its people and culture. I met my first love in Berlin and we are now married with two daughters and three grandchildren. We were married in a church at Alt-Moabit in January of 1960. -- Francisco, Guam

I love Germans. The guys are very sweet in relationships until you figure out all those trips to the party with the guys are really to meet new women. They keep a lot of secrets, are sneaky, will blow you off as soon as they don't get their way and are stingy. This is after four German boyfriends. :( -- Kadesh, shared on Facebook

One reader shared her romantic escapades with Germans, which began in Peru at the age of 16 and brought her across the world to Bavaria.

My dad's friend's niece and nephew had come to visit her here in Lima, Peru. Somehow I was invited to meet them. I went there, wearing my new earrings and with goosebumps all over. The nephew was my age, and I remember the first thought I had when I saw his sleepy face coming out from the dark living room to the bright terrace: "He looks like Legolas. Oh my God."

Well he didn't actually look like Legolas [a fictional character from J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" played by Orlando Bloom. - eds.], but he was my elf either way. We talked that first night and a couple days later it came to my knowledge that he had been very impressed with me. I was invited to meet him again. He says he fell in love with me that day; I know it was a little bit my fault.

After that he called my house and asked me out, with the help of his aunt as translator. We walked around, me playing the fool and him trying to make his words have some sense. Eventually he shouted that he loved me, to which I shouted "you don't know me!" But the next day we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. My first boyfriend, his first girlfriend, our first kiss, our first date. Could anything have been more perfect?

I love Germany and apparently Germany loves me back. There's something about the country that keeps seducing me (and I'm not only talking about the boys). Germany has gotten beneath my skin and I don't want him to get out. -- Gabriela, Peru

Gabriela eventually broke up with her German elf, but not before falling in love with Germany itself. She now plans to continue her medical studies in Germany, specializing in cardiology.

Compiled by Holly Fox

Editor: Sean Sinico

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