Ranking: The most visited cities in the world | DW Travel | DW | 04.12.2018

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Ranking: The most visited cities in the world

The British market research institute Euromonitor has determined which cities counted the most visitors in 2017. With 27.9 million visitors, Hong Kong once again achieved 1st place, Bangkok 2nd place, London 3rd place.

China Skyline von Hongkong bei Nacht

Hong Kong skyline

Asian cities dominate the top positions. Of the European cities, only London and Paris made it into the top ten most visited cities in the world. The French capital recorded growth of 13.7 percent over the previous year. Amsterdam ranked 23rd, Vienna 34th and Berlin 36th.

Frankreich Paris - Louvre Museum

Glass pyramid in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris

Ranking 2018

1. Hong Kong (27.9 million visitors)

2. Bangkok (22.5 million visitors)

3. London (19.8 million visitors)

4. Singapore (17.6 million visitors)

5. Macau (17.3 million visitors)

6. Paris  (15.8 million visitors)       

7. Dubai  (15.8 million visitors)       

8. New York City  (13.1 million visitors)

9. Kuala Lumpur  (12.8 million visitors)

10. Shenzhen  (12.1 million visitors)

Source: Euromonitor International

Indien Neu Delhi

India Gate in New Delhi

A remarkable increase of 36.4 percent pushed the Indian metropolis of Delhi to 13th place with 10.1 million visitors.

Schnee in Berlin

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

The German capital Berlin only reached 36th place with 5.6 million visitors, Munich with 3.8 million visitors occupies 56th place and Frankfurt 83rd place with 2.5 million visitors.


Selfie on the Westminster Bridge in London

For the analysis, the British market research institute Euromonitor International examined visitor numbers from more than 600 cities in 2017. International arrivals were counted, i.e. people who travelled from abroad to a particular city - whether for private or professional reasons.


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