Raking muck and raising funds | #mediadev | DW | 27.02.2018
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viability of investigative journalism

Raking muck and raising funds

Today, investigative media face a double challenge: They need to maintain independence while securing financial sustainability. In a new research paper, DW Akademie's authors propose a model to identify areas of action.


A protester holds up fake money during an anti-corruption march in Lima, Peru, in December 2017

In the research paper, which has now been published by the Investigative Journalism Education Consortium,  DW Akademie’s Nadine Jurrat, Jan Lublinski, and Attila Mong propose a model for media development organizations supporting investigative journalism.

The authors also present successful case studies from Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

The authors argue that in a rapidly evolving technological environment and increasing attacks on the press not only investigative media and journalists need to find new answers to challenges regarding media viability.

Also, those who act in support of investigative journalism like donors and media development organizations need to review their strategies. Finally, media outlets need to understand how and where to strategically invest the tight money that is available. 

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