Radovanović, Mara | Speakers | DW | 14.04.2011
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Radovanović, Mara

Co-Founder of LARA


Mara Radovanović is a lawyer and co-founder of the NGO LARA in Bosnia-Herzogovina. In 1998, she established first contact with victims of human trafficking who suffered from one of the worst forms of human rights violations. Since 2000, she has been the coordinator of the LARA shelter in Bijeljina, Bosnia. LARA helps victims of trafficking as well as domestic and sexual violence by providing protection, legal support and an SOS-helpline. Radovanović’s organization also engages in prevention through awareness and information campaigns, as well as training peace keeping forces and police. Radovanović is recognized as one of the most committed and outspoken activists against human trafficking in the Balkans.

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