Radio | Program | DW | 13.05.2015
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For more than 60 years, DW has been on air covering issues that have changed the world. Today, DW’s radio programming provides comprehensive information to listeners around the globe.

An experienced team of journalists worldwide provide you with in-depth coverage and careful analysis of international news in politics, business, culture and sports – up-close and with an unbiased look at the essentials.

DW has a wide range of success stories from its comprehensive programming lineup such as WorldLink – Linking Global Voices, with 60 minutes of real stories and emotions from people around the world.

Our Learning by Ear series for Africa is targeted to young listeners across the continent and provides them with an entertaining way to learn about important issues like the environment, education and health. This successful program has already been expanded to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

On AfricaLink, the English editorial team strives to get the story behind the story. The show is broadcast Monday through Friday with detailed coverage of politics, development, business and more.

Are you interested in expanding your programming palette or working with DW on a co-production? Our distribution representatives would love to provide you information about integrating the entire channel or just individual programs, as well as the possibility of working with us on a co-production.