Rügen – Three Travel Tips | Recommended | DW | 06.02.2012
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Rügen – Three Travel Tips

We join longtime Rügen visitor Norman Peters as he shows us the prettiest points of Kap Arkona, the northern-most point of the island.

Norman Peters on the island of Rügen

Norman Peters on the island of Rügen

Along the way, Peters introduces us to the Rügenhof Kap Arkona, a famous estate from the 19th century. Here, visitors can watch potters at work—and even take a course in the art of pottery themselves. We walk the 1.2-kilometer-long path along the cliffs from Kap Arkona to the next town, getting a birds-eye view of the sea and the beautiful bluffs. We end up in the medieval fishing village of Vitt, a historical landmark where the old fishing trade houses and a unique octagonal church bring the past into the present. Find out more in video on demand.

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