Quality journalism ″Made in Germany″ | 60 Years DW | DW | 23.04.2013
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60 Years DW

Quality journalism "Made in Germany"

"What we offer is quality journalism - in many different languages." That's the high standard specified in DW's mission statement. It is the benchmark for the journalistic work in DW's 30 different language departments.

For 60 years, DW has stood for quality journalism "Made in Germany", for credible and reliable information. DW reports independently and comprehensively, differentiated and with extensive background knowledge on Germany, Europe and the rest of the world. Our focus is not restricted only to Germany; we also convey a European and a wider global perspective on international events. At DW, the dialog between different cultures is defined by the daily cooperation and exchange between journalists and editors from some 60 nations.

While the values at the heart of DW remain the same, the context of our journalistic work has changed dramatically over the decades. International competition has grown more rigorous; and the media landscape has become more diverse and indeterminate as a result of the digital age. Through constant development of our output, DW successfully incorporates these changes into its wide range of journalistic content.

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