Quadriga | All media content | DW | 13.03.2013
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Special: Habemus Papam - a Signal to the World

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Our guests:

Pater Simon Boiser -ist ein katholischer Ordenspriester der Steyler Missionare. Seit 2011 ist er der Seelsorger der Philippinischen Gemeinde in Berlin. Nach dem Philosophiestudium in seiner Heimat den Philippinen, studierte er in Deutschland Theologie. Nach der Priesterweihe war er in Gemeinden in ganz Deutschland tätig. Seit seinem Eintritt ins Priesterseminar hat er sich intensiv mit dem Denken und der Theologie von Joseph Ratzinger als Theologe, Kardinal und letztlich Papst beschäftigt.

Claudia Keller- after completing her degree in history and German studies, she worked as a trainee for the Berlin daily newspaper „Der Tagesspiegel“. After finishing her journalistic training she stayed on at the „Tagesspiegel“ newspaper in Berlin as an editor. She writes primarily about topics such as religion, integration and education policy. At the same time she also publishes articles in the weekly paper „Die Zeit“ and in the magazine „Chrismon“.

Derek Scally - is the Berlin correspondent of the "Irish Times". He studied journalism in his native Dublin and cultural studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He  worked previously in New York for "The Irish Voice," the leading Irish-American  newspaper in the U.S. His main areas of interest are federal and European politics, business and the arts. He also reports on Polish affairs and reported closely on the German pope Benedict.