Quadriga - Cyber attacks - World Wide War? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 18.06.2015
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Quadriga - Cyber attacks - World Wide War?

Cyber attacks that infiltrated the IT network of the German Bundestag have once again exposed the vulnerability of state institutions.

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Hackers who successfully broke into the Bundestag computers of members of parliament installed viruses and stole files. There has been speculation that a foreign intelligence service is behind the attack.

Across the globe governments are stepping up their cyber forces. In the past US authorities have said the source of attacks on their institutions has repeatedly been traced to China and Russia. Allegations these countries have always denied. Governments also fear that terrorists are acquiring cyber warfare capabilities and could use them to sabotage airports, nuclear power stations, water supplies and other sensitive infrastructure targets.

Are we prepared for the coming cyber war? Are we taking the cyber threat seriously enough?

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Our guests:

Ulrike Herrmann - Is business editor at the Berlin daily "taz". She says: "Cyberwar is a threat – but „normal“ wars remain the true threat."

Alan Posener - is an author and commentator for the German newspaper “Die Welt”. Posener says: “The Germans are obsessed with the supposed violations of our privacy by our friends, the USA. They still don't realize that the real problem is the violation of our security by our enemies.”

Andreas Kluth - has been Berlin Bureau Chief of The Economist since 2012. Previously, he served as the US West Coast Correspondent, covering politics, society and economy. He says: "Cyberwarfare is especially useful for terrorists."