Quadriga - Coalition Crisis: Merkel Teetering? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 06.06.2019
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Quadriga - Coalition Crisis: Merkel Teetering?

Angela Merkel's government is in crisis, set off by the governing parties' poor showing at the European elections and the resignation of SPD Leader Andrea Nahles. How long can the grand coalition in Germany stay together? Guests: Vanessa Vu (Zeit Online), Andreas Kluth (Journalist and author), Cordula Tutt (Wirtschaftswoche)

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Andreas Kluth, Journalist and author, who says: "In effect, Merkel now runs a caretaker government, with no residual ambition at all. That is tragic for Germany and Europe." 





Also with us is Vanessa Vu from ZEIT ONLINE, who argues that: "The ruling coalition is shying away from a reset. In the end, this might harm both parties – and our democracy." 




And a very warm welcome, too, to Cordula Tutt from the business weekly Wirtschaftswoche, who believes: “Grand coalitions disrupt the traditional party system, and so do huge shifts within the electorate. Urban and rural voters, East and West are more divided than before.”