Programming that defines the new DW | Business & Sales | DW | 29.05.2015
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Business & Sales

Programming that defines the new DW

A renewed focus on international news has led to the relaunch of DW's English channel. But other channels have been updated as well. Here are some of the most noteworthy additions to the programming lineups worldwide.

The most substantial new addition will be DW News. Broadcasting worldwide 24 hours a day in English, DW News is the flagship for the new DW channel – with continuous coverage of key events from Europe and the world. With expert analysis and reliable reporting, DW News does more for the audience, including a live social media forum for interactive debate on important events. With full coverage of all the big topics from politics, business, sports and culture, DW News will help viewers understand more about the world.

On Conflict Zone, world-renowned journalist Tim Sebastian brings in experts and officials to go on the record in a high-pressure environment where spin and rhetoric have nowhere to hide. As an exciting new edition to DW, the interview format complements the day’s most pressing news issues and goes behind the headlines. Sebastian is a seasoned interviewer who knows how to put his subjects under cross-examination to get more than just sound bites. Conflict Zone starts September 9.

For audiences in the Arab world, the new series Women at a Turning Point on DW (Arabia) portrays exemplary Egyptian women who share their stories and talk about the experiences which have shaped their successes and failures. Popular Egyptian journalist Reem Magued is joined by women of all social, religious and ethic backgrounds who have overcome obstacles to achieve great things. Another highlight on DW (Arabia), the evening news show DW Massaiya delivers an analytical overview of the most important issues discussed in the Arab world. Experts and journalists provide impartial analysis of political and economic news from a valuable outside perspective.

For audiences in Latin America, ¡Aquí estoy! is a new format that builds a bridge between Europe and Latin America with personal portraits of Spanish-speakers who are integrating into a new culture and exploring a new lifestyle. Every week on DW (Latinoamérica), the show delivers a unique perspective of life in Germany with extraordinary people who have taken a chance on the unknown.