Programme | MEDIA LAW | DW | 18.10.2019
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Here you can find the programme of the media law session on the subject ‘Journalism in international law – protected or defenseless?' taking place on 11 December 2019.

Admission from 4.00 pm | Start 5.00 pm



Georg Garlichs, Managing Director of the European School of Management and Technology GmbH

Peter Limbourg, Director General of Deutsche Welle


Keynote | Protection of journalistic research and source - What is necessary to be able to work investigatively?

Nicolas Richter, Head of Investigations Süddeutsche Zeitung


Impulse | The protection of journalists in international law - a survey

Prof. Dr. Stephanie Schiedermair, Chair of European Law, International Law and Public Law at the University of Leipzig


Panel Discussion

(In-) Effectiveness of International Law to protect Journalism

Prof. Dr. Karl-E. Hain, Chair of Public Law and Media Law at the University of Cologne

William Horsley, Director of the Centre for Freedom of the Media (CFOM) at University of Sheffield

Veysel Ok, Human Rights Lawyer

Petra Kammerevert, MEP, Chairwoman of the Programme Committee of the WDR Broadcasting Council

Sejal Parmar, Assistant Professor at the Department of Legal Studies, Central European University


Presentation: Michaela Küfner, Chief Political Editor bei der Deutschen Welle


Get Together will take place at 8 pm.