Private moments with Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace | Culture | Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 22.07.2018

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Private moments with Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace

A new exhibition at Buckingham Palace shows some of the Prince of Wales' most prized — and personal —belongings. The show comes just a few months before his 70th birthday.

Having high tea with the British queen might be a joy of life that only few people ever get to experience. An exhibition at Buckingham Palace, however, invites visitors to see some of the more intimate personal belongings of the Prince of Wales and thus get to feel a little closer to the royal family. 

"The Prince's favorite art works will be shown alongside works created by young artists supported by three charities which he has founded and is patron of," the Royal Collection Trust says about the "Prince and Patron" art show. Among the 100 artifacts are family pictures, royal portraits, and even a cloak said to have belonged to Napoleon himself. Prince Charles curated the exhibition himself and even included some of his own art works.

Visiting Buckingham Palace

Each summer, the queen leaves Buckingham Palace in London to spend the warmer months of the year in Scotland, at her private estate at Balmoral. During this time, Buckingham Palace opens its doors to visitors to visitors, with various exhibitions on display at locations like The Queen's Gallery and The State Rooms. 

"Prince and Patron" continues to welcome visitors until September 30. Shortly thereafter, Charles will celebrate his 70th birthday, on November 14.

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