Preview: Saving Lagos from the waves | Eco Africa | DW | 21.04.2016
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Eco Africa

Preview: Saving Lagos from the waves

The contstant thrash of waves against an unprotected shore can eat at its substance and create mass displacement. In Lagos a controversial construction is hoping to protect the city - or a select part of it.

This week we take you to Lagos, where rising sea levels are threatening to engulf densely populated coastal areas, and ask what can be done to stop the forces of nature. One project in Nigeria's largest city is planning to build an exclusive development on sand and land dug up from the ocean. Needless to say, it is controversial.

Our eco hero this week also understands the challenges of implanting a green mindset into a city. He is encouraging people in Ivory Coast to plant more trees to off-set the impacts of urban development.

Staying in Africa, we head to Mozambique where a professor is exploring the insect population as a means of assessing the state of the country's nature two decades after the end of the civil war there.

In Germany, we meet Berlin's honey bees who have found refuge on the rooftops of some of the city's most presitgous public buildings, explore the organic food movement, and look at the real possibilities of biofuel.

Join us. Before the event, during the event, or thereafter. You can't afford not to. We only have one environment.