Presenter Barbara Kühn | Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People | DW | 22.11.2017
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Focus on Europe

Presenter Barbara Kühn

Barbara Kühn is the host of Fokus Europa. She saw the Berlin Wall fall when she was a child. Today Barbara Kühn goes back and forth between Germany and Italy. Barbara considers herself a whole-hearted European.

Barbara Kühn always knew she wanted to be a TV journalist one day. As a student, she produced her first story for Deutsche Welle and has been working here ever since. She has travelled to Canada and toured the European Union for film shoots. Since 2015, Barbara Kühn has been the host of the German edition of Focus on Europe in Bonn. She’s enthusiastic about presenting European topics to a worldwide audience. When Barbara is not on air at DW, she works for public broadcaster ZDF in Mainz. Or she enjoys la dolce vita in Rome, where she feels just as much at home.