PopXport – The German Pop Magazine | Music | DW | 21.11.2015
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PopXport – The German Pop Magazine

Nicholas Müller left the band Jupiter Jones gripped by anxiety attacks. With the help of therapy, he's back on the scene with duo band Von Brücken. We also meet reggae star Patrice and the Wacken Metal Battle winners.

This week:

Von Brücken – Back with a bang!

Nicholas Müller bade farewell to rock band Jupiter Jones in 2014 after suffering panic attacks. Post therapy, the singer’s storming the charts once again with his pop duo Von Brücken. How did he master his anxiety?

Reggae star Patrice

Melting Pop takes a look at German acts with multicultural roots. The Cologne-born singer and guitarist Patrice is of Sierra Leonean-German origin, and dubs his music “swaggae” – a cool mix of reggae, pop and soul.

Metaprism at Wacken Metal Battle

Wacken – the world’s biggest metal festival and a place for only the best in the genre. But its Metal Battle is open to emerging bands too, and PopXport has the 2015 winners. In at number 4: UK’s Metaprism.

HIT Clip: Alex Diehl - Nur ein Lied

Shocked by the Paris attacks, Bavarian singer Alex Diehl felt moved to write “Nur ein Lied”. The song about peace has already drummed up millions of hits on Facebook. We’re showing you Alex Diehl’s exclusive performance for Deutsche Welle.

Tip Clip: Robin Schulz & J.U.D.G.E. – Show Me Love

Star DJ Robin Schulz doesn't make much of an appearance in his new music video! It's the third single from his album Sugar, and the video tells of a new, loved-up couple who are struck by bad luck.

KULT-Clip: Milli Vanilli - Girl I’m Gonna Miss You (1989)

Under management of German producer Frank Farian, Milli Vanilli topped the US charts three times and even bagged themselves a Grammy. But their moment of fame was short-lived. Twenty five years ago it was revealed that the disco duo had never actually sung themselves.