PopXport – The German Music Magazine | PopXport | DW | 23.06.2017
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PopXport – The German Music Magazine

On this week’s show: Gurr – indie pop hopefuls from Berlin. Elif – German-Turkish pop musician with a new album. Johannes Oerding – the singer-songwriter is on tour. Also: music from Bushido, Toksï and The Other Ones.

Gurr: Indie pop heroines from Berlin

Two cool girls in their mid-20s, laid-back indie pop: that’s Gurr from Berlin. Their club shows are a big hit with audiences across Germany – and they’ve made a splash in Britain, the homeland of pop music.


Elif: Thoughtful German pop

Elif grew up in Germany as the child of Turkish immigrants. The 24-year-old singer has recorded an album, “Doppelleben“ that addresses her feeling of being at home in two worlds.



Johannes Oerding: At home on the road

Singer-songwriter Johannes Oerding gets bored if he’s in the same place two days in a row. So it’s no wonder he likes being on tour so much. The Hamburg-based artist is currently promoting his latest album, “Kreise.”


HIT: Bushido - Papa

Bushido, Germany’s most successful rapper, wants to get away from his boorish image. On his new song, “Papa,” he shows his more vulnerable side. The track is a single off of “Black Friday,” his seventh number-one album.


TIP: Toksï – Gold Digga

Newcomer Toksï has landed the coolest hit of the summer with “Gold Digga.” It’s the advance single from her first EP, “Märchen.” The Berlin-based artist has discovered her own sound, somewhere between Namika and Lary.


Classic: The Other Ones - Holiday (1987)

The Other Ones had a global hit in 1987 with “Holiday.” The Berlin band hit number 10 in the New Zealand charts, and made it into the top 30 of the US Billboard charts. Sadly, The Other Ones remained a one-hit wonder.

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