PopXport – The German Music Magazine | PopXport | DW | 19.06.2017
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PopXport – The German Music Magazine

This time: the return of electropop duo 2Raumwohnung, the latest feats by indie rockets Kraftklub, and an interview with German-Ghanian reggae charmer Frank Dellé.

Paul McCartney in a morphing video
British musician and composer Sir Paul McCartney has had an indelible influence on the pop music of the 20th century. We’ve created a morphing video to mark the former Beatle’s 75th birthday.



2Raumwohnung: Electropop from Berlin
Inga Humpe and Tommi Eckart are partners – both privately and as the pop duo 2Raumwohnung. Following a break from recording for a few years, they’re now releasing their double album, “Nacht und Tag.” 


Kraftklub: successful indie rockers
Kraftklub are unstoppable. The cheeky indie rockers from Chemnitz have climbed the top of the charts with their third album release – unseating even Germany’s pop princess Helene Fischer from the number one position.


Frank Dellé: Afro-German reggae
A singer in the popular dancehall band Seeed, Frank Dellé is also a successful solo artist. Born in Berlin, he grew up in Germany and Ghana. We asked him how that has influenced him personally and professionally.


HIT: Alle Farben feat. Janieck - Little Hollywood
For his latest hit single, Berlin DJ Alle Farben recruited the help of the singer Janieck, from the Netherlands. The track is called “Little Hollywood.” Fittingly, the video for it was shot in California.


TIP: Clueso - Achterbahn
Clueso’s new single is a hymn to aimlessness. And allegedly, the video was made without a basic concept behind it. The singer-songwriter from Erfurt flew to Los Angeles and just waited to see what would happen. 


CLASSIC: Donna Summer - I Feel Love (1977)
Forty years ago in Munich, producer Giorgio Moroder recorded the voice of American singer Donna Summer over a completely digitally-produced backing track. The result was “I Feel Love,” a global disco hit and forerunner of later techno recordings.