PopXport: The German Music Magazine | PopXport | DW | 19.05.2017
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PopXport: The German Music Magazine

On this week's show: rap star Marteria's brand new album, "Roswell;" singer-songwriter-musician Judith Holofernes; and a great new art pop band called Giant Rooks. Plus: the new live album from Rammstein.


Marteria – a German rapper in Africa

Marteria loves to travel. The Rostock-born rapper headed for South Africa to shoot videos for his new album "Roswell". The music video for the song "Aliens" is a pretty amazing sci-fi-themed experience.


Judith Holofernes - "Chaos" pop from Berlin

Holofernes was lead singer of "Wir Sind Helden" - a band that put German pop back on the charts. Now the Berlin-based artist has a new solo album "Ich bin das Chaos" - and we get a picture of her own personal chaos. 


Giant Rooks - the art pop newcomers from Hamm

Some guys in the band are still in school, but Giant Rooks have already made a name for themselves with their critically acclaimed mix of indie-rock, folk, and electro. Lots of their recent concerts have sold out. 

HIT: Bibi H. - What It Is (Wap Bap)

The video for “How It Is" is one of the most unpopular clips on YouTube. But its star, German beauty consultant Bibi H., couldn't care less. Thirty-four million people have clicked on the clip already. 


TIP: Rammstein - Mutter (Live In Paris)

Rammstein's Paris concert film opened in theaters in March - and now it's available on Blu-ray. There's also a soundtrack album. All this was taken from two gigs that the band did in Paris in 2012. 


Classic: Sash! - Ecuador (1997)

A 20-year-old German cult hit: "Ecuador" by Sash! DJ Sascha Lappessen's dance project went gold in France, Belgium, Sweden, and the UK.